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Now playing across the nation and around the world

Washers and sack tossing games has become the fastest growing game across the nation that is called by more names than you have fingers on two hands.

The rules have common relationships between the various shapes and sizes of Cornhole washer boxes, washer and sack boards however scoring formulas to end the game differs from slight to extreme depending on the region of the country and variations of washer toss game designs.

Want to compare? Just go to Google Images type washer toss games.

The *origin of the game is played the same way you play the game of horseshoes. The horseshoes game is mostly played by men probably because of the distance and weight which is more the reason why women and children do not gravitate to the game.

In comparison women and children can easily play washer toss games simply because washers are lighter than horseshoes and very, exciting, and competitive.

This is the greatest modern game to hit the market that is bringing people together from all walks of life for fun times and good memories. Take it with you and make it the center of the party before your favorite tailgating, during your family picnic or barbecuing in the backyard or on the patio.

Washers and Sack tossing is played mostly outdoors but can definitely be played anywhere indoors where there is ample room if you don’t have a backyard especially during the winter months.

A recreational or exercise area for those of you who live in a high rise build will be a good venue. “Meet Your Neighbor” contest or tournament creating teams from each floor and play in the hallway on each floor with a couple of tossing games will be a great weekend venue.

Technology and modern innovations have made the playing equipment more durable, attractive, and portable. A high quality, durable washer toss game set will cost you from $40 to $400.00 or more for custom made washer toss games with your favorite sports team’s logo.

Tournament grade powder coated washers come in an assortment of sizes, colors, consistent weight, and the amount washers sold as a set. The most popular diameter washer size is 2.5 inches with a 1” center hole because of size and weight and sold as a set of four washers per color.

A complete washer game set consists of two washer boxes and two sets of different color powder coated washers because they are more durable and do not chip easily as regular washers from the hardware store if you painted them yourself.

It is wise to avoid playing on concrete, asphalt or gravel will wear out the washers more quickly and may cause rough edges that can scratch or cut your fingers. Personal experience has also showed us there is a high probability that you will lose your washers playing at the beach in the sand. The best to play on is grass and carpet.

TSPH™ - The Beginning

In July of 2009 visiting Oahu for a small family reunion, I was introduced to the washer toss game by my nephew John, he and three of his friends with two on deck waiting eagerly to play the winners were playing in the backyard and having fun, each of them with a brew in one hand.

What got my attention that called me outside were the echoing sounds of washers hitting and clanging each other followed with exciting cheers of ooooo’s and ahhhhh’s!

That was the first time I saw a washer toss game and asked what is this called? John answered “pordagee horseshoes” as it’s pronounced and called in Hawaii.

I was as they say “in an instant” obsessed with the game. I asked for the dimensions and within a couple of weeks after returning home to the Big Island, I built three sets out of extra plywood and carpet I already had and bought the washers from the hardware store.

This to me is the “original washer box design, the size of the washers and especially the scoring rules” that was first introduced to me has evolved from passing the time playing and enjoying the challenge, camaraderie, sportsmanship, too also include my obsessive hobby making TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games for friends and relatives.

The TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ evolution came from changing the common cover washer rule from canceling the score to the top washer takes all points.

The TSPH Catch Can™ proprietary design was created too decisively determine which player has the top washer when two or three washers hovering over the hole falls in at the same time.


The 1st Catch Cup design. Created specifically for the

TSPH Cover Washer Rule.


I began getting calls and emails from people that heard through the grapevine I build Portuguese Horseshoes different from the common designs available.

Very soon after Beter Enterprizes LLC was established with a unique business model built around the name “Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™”.

We manufacture, wholesale, and retail online custom made-to-order TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games with any professional team’s logo.

Want to place a custom order TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ with your favorite sport team? Go to our Etsy Store link at the top of this page to send us your Request Custom Order for your favorite team and we will build it for you.


You can be the first owner of your favorite sports team that will give you exclusive bragging rights to all your friends and family.

You can place an order at any time for any team we do not have in our present inventory. It may take a couple of weeks longer to receive your washer toss games however it’s well worth the wait. With proper attention and care for your TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games you can pass it down to the next generation in your family. 

We also provide customizing services for any corporate logo or any image design you want to create and we will build your very own TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games. This is the awesome beauty of modern technology. We will also partner with you to promote and sell your private design TSPH tossing games™ on our website.

The second tier of our business is offering and operating tournament services with equipment rental for public and private fund raising and jackpot tournaments.

It is our hope you will join us and be a part of growing the Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™ and the TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games.

Please explore the rest of our website to learn more of our vision and goals for the next generation of washer games. 

Mahalo for visiting we hope to hear from you soon.  


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