Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


Now playing across the nation and around the world

Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

“TSPH Match Play™”

 Tournament entry $125.00 per player

Reservations Required

 Includes “The Awards Kitty”- $5.00 equipment fee and services

Blind-Draw – Mixed Singles Elimination 

2 out of 3 games=1 match 

The winner of the match moves on

  24 players minimum - 128 maximum

Here's how it breaks down

Adding more players - each player’s Awards Kitty will be split between the top 4 places as follows 40%-30%-20%-10%respectively

Total $2,400.00+ 

 1st Place $630.00+ 

2nd Place 590.00+ 

3rd Place $470.00+   

4th Place $430.00+

5th Place $280.00

*Skins Game Option between players

Submission of complete registration form, tournament equipment fee and service Kitty confirms your entry to compete 

9:30-am Check-In Registration

9:45am- Pre Tournament Orientation

       Draw names and bracket assignments, rules review

10:00am- Start TSPH™

End of tournament- Awards Presentation


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